About Us

Nestled at the foot of the Appalachian mountain range in Quebec's beautiful Eastern Townships, our alpaca farm is located just a few minutes from the town of Sutton.

Our love story with alpacas started over 10 years ago when we first saw these amazing animals on a small farm in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. The owner took the time to explain to us what was this intriguing animal with big eyes and a long neck. She also had a small charming boutique in which she offered products made from the wonderful fleece of her alpacas. Needless to say that we were completely charmed by their soft gaze and by the incredibly soft fleece they provide!

In 2009, we purchased an old farmland of 120 acres which included an old English style Bank barn and a few other historical buildings dating back to the 1890's. This location offered stunning views of the surrounding mountains. It also included an immense pasture and a large area of old-growth forest with a great diversity of tree species. It was also traversed by the Alder brook which is, among other things, a crucial nesting area for many migratory birds.

We were convinced that we had found the perfect setting to raise alpacas. We decided to restore the beautiful old barn by preserving its historical character as it would become home to our herd and the ideal place to establish our charming boutique with a rustic flair.

We purchased our first alpacas in 2010. They were placed into agistment to allow us to finalize details on our alpaca-friendly farm until it was completely ready for their exciting homecoming. After 2 years of hard work, planning the layout and restoring the farm, we were finally ready to welcome our alpacas in the fall of 2012.

We are truly excited to share the pleasure of living and raising alpacas with our visitors! Discover this fascinating animal in a peaceful setting as well as the undeniable softness and comfort of their extraordinary fiber thanks to the wide selection of alpaca products available at our on-site boutique. We are proud to support local artisans by offering exclusive collections of knits, handwoven products and unique creations carefully designed and crafted here in Québec.

Soak in the serenity of our location by enjoying our observation and picnic area, discover the surrounding wildlife by walking our self-guided nature trails and learn more about alpacas by joining one of our educational guided tour of the farm. An educational and interactive activity the whole family will enjoy!

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